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  • Plain and simple: I love my job. For the last 12 years, my focus has been to help people who are in financial need. Little did I know when I started that helping others would be so fulfilling and helpful to me.

    Tammy L. Employee
  • Seeing how this is not my first finance company to work with, I have noticed that there is a considerable difference between it and other companies. With other finance companies it is all about numbers, numbers, numbers—they forget that there are people attached to those numbers. I am thankful this company is different.

    Paul J. Employee
  • I came to Credit Central with zero loan experience and only the drive to succeed. I was blessed with two encouraging supervisors who both have inspired me to learn all I can as a Customer Service Rep and strive for growth within the company. I have found my job very enjoyable and always push myself to meet my goals and help my team reach theirs.

    Kandi C. Employee